Jess Bradway

Hagerstown, IN
Ball State University
Part of the team
1,509,552 minutes

Creative to the core, Jess Bradway is not one to color inside the lines. Jess’s background in generating marketing collateral and brand assets, including logos, for agency partners brought her to TrendyMinds. Her passion spans all things design, and she even goes as far as to say she loves “designing everything from page to pixel.”

Jess’s enthusiasm for beautiful color palettes and clean, simple design keeps her hot on the trail for the newest design styles and techniques. It’s not a front when she says she has an appetite for new fonts, especially a sans serif one like Gotham. Wait, her favorite color is black, too? There’s a Batman joke in there somewhere . . .

Jess’s appetite doesn’t end with work; to feed her chocolate addiction, she keeps some Reese’s Cups in stock. Whether walking her loyal dog, Maisy, or hanging out with family and friends, Jess also makes sure to set aside the aesthetics of design to enjoy the art of recreation once in a while.

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