Morgan Tiemann

Scottsdale, AZ
Indiana University
Part of the team
1,200,821 minutes

Morgan Tiemann came to TrendyMinds from Indiana’s largest healthcare organization where she implemented expansive strategic initiatives, service trainings and digital communications strategies. While Morgan’s organizational skills keep her head down at work, she still prioritizes face time to find common ground with diverse teams.

As a Client Service Director, Morgan knows that collaborating with passionate, creative, motivated people leads to inspiration and purposeful change. For her, sturdy bonds ensure success. But Morgan defines success in other ways too. She commits herself to seeking ingenious solutions to difficult dilemmas and smoothing out cumbersome inefficiencies with a rolling pin-esque mentality.

Hearkening to her warmer days in Arizona, Morgan enjoys any opportunity to spend time in the (fickle) Indiana sun. While her job keeps her inside during the week, the great outdoors howls her name with opportunities to hike, camp or lounge on a boat with friends.