Nick Pasotti

Indianapolis, IN
Indiana University
Part of the team
1,618,034 minutes

Nick brings his background in education and creative writing to TrendyMinds. As a Creative Content Specialist, he builds client relationships, manages deliverables and timelines, strategizes and writes copy for various projects, ranging from those in the health insurance industry to ones in e-commerce. While he likes every part of the job, he lives for the opportunity to compose unique taglines and campaign themes.  

After three years as a high school English teacher, Creative Writing Club moderator and soccer coach, Nick decided to transfer his skills to marketing. As a strategist for a holistic healthcare company and a copywriter for a wine retail and catering business, he spun his wheels on a few projects before TrendyMinds found him.

Outside of work, Nick is an avid fiction reader and writer, soccer savant, kickball wizard and fitness fanatic. 

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How to Decide What to Put in Your Next Email