Rob Kaczanowski

Richland, MI
Alma College
Part of the team
457,394 minutes

As an Email Marketing Specialist, Rob is a lover of all things email. He enjoys every waking moment of developing and refining (and maybe even dreaming about) email marketing programs. Rob has worked in just about every aspect of email marketing from planning and strategy to design and development. 

Before joining TrendyMinds, Rob worked for an Indianapolis non-profit as a one-man email machine. He administered their CRM system and restructured their email program single-handedly. It was here that he fell in love and discovered the value that email, when done well, can provide to businesses and more importantly, their target audiences.

Outside of TrendyMinds, Rob's a DIY guy who works on projects on his 100-year-old home, walks and spoils his 3 dogs, travels with family and friends or attends a local concert.

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The Latest and Greatest in Email Personalization

The Latest and Greatest in Email Personalization