Seth Benson

Farmersburg, IN
Purdue University
Part of the team
4,322,220 minutes

At age 8, Seth was convinced that he was going to either illustrate comic books or go into "deconstruction" because tearing things up would be a lot more fun than building them. While he didn't exactly live up to those aspirations, Seth has found a way to incorporate those early interests into an impressive career of building websites with unique functionality and establishing brands with multifaceted details.

Shortly after moving to Indianapolis with a degree in Photography, Seth became an Art Director at an advertising agency. While there, he produced work for Aunt Millie’s and Ball State University among other great Indiana brands.

In 2010, Seth joined TrendyMinds as a designer where he handled several print and web projects for clients of the firm. His love of and skill in user experience and interface design quickly grew as he tackled some of the most complex projects. Today, Seth uses his knowledge and passion for streamlined, cohesive and comprehensive creative work to lead our designers as the UX/UI Director. He strives to ensure every client receives a thoughtful and holistic approach to their creative vision.

Outside of work, Seth is a devoted husband and father of four, spending his weekends at soccer fields, swimming pools and parks. His love of creative projects extends to his home, where he works to take on every challenge he can from refinishing furniture, landscaping, and his white whale of a project… the elusive kid’s treehouse.

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