Shane Howell

Lexington, SC
Art Institute of Charlotte
Part of the team
963,521 minutes

Hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Shane Howell came to TrendyMinds with vast experience in front-end web development, but he dabbles in PHP and other backend languages as well. Shane can “debug pretty much anything,” he says, and we’ve seen him put his skills to the test.

Even if some think web developers are solitary workers, Shane primarily enjoys the collaborative nature of web development, always excited to explore new points of view. With so many different perspectives on innovative techniques and coding language updates, he knows his field will never get stale. Plus, he likes staying on his toes.

And on his feet. Walking, hiking and running with his dog, Wasabi, add a little spice to Shane’s life. Still, Shane also enjoys taking a load off by playing first-person shooter and puzzle games with friends or “laying the smack down in Foosball.” (His words.)