Video Production

Studio and Equipment

Video Production

The Studio

Having our own studio gives us a blank canvas just a few feet away from our desks and helps take projects to another level of creativity.Unique to downtown Indianapolis, our large studio space is easily the biggest and most flexible member of our team. From the inside of an operating room to a street corner under the stars, the studio transforms to fit any vision.

Studio Amenities

Beyond the main space, our studio includes a hair and makeup room with washer/dryer and shower, a green room with video/audio connectivity to the studio, a full kitchen, a sound booth and an edit bay.

Studio Specs

Here are the hard-hitting details of our studio space.

  • Dimensions – 30′ x 48′ x 22′ (width x length x height).
  • Lighting grid for hanging lights and props (We’ve been told you can hang 6 Hummers from there, but let’s not test that).
  • Premium curtain dampens reverb and gives us top notch sound quality.
  • Camera, lighting and grip equipment available in the studio.