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Creating a stellar website is no cakewalk. You are not just building a website, you are creating the digital experience that represents your brand to the rest of the world. This is a task we never take lightly, so we begin every website project with comprehensive research and a targeted digital strategy.

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Digital Experience Research

Digital Experience Research

A successful website rarely just happens. It takes strategy, and strategy requires research.

To ensure your website is designed to drive targeted traffic and meet your business objectives, we begin by assessing your current digital landscape and identifying additional needs.

Using the inputs from each research tactic, we’ll create a digital strategy that summarizes key findings, opportunities and recommendations.

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Content Development

Content Development

A research-based content strategy and creatively executed content can be the difference between a great or mediocre digital experience. Content drives design, determines layout and engages your audience.

We gather input from stakeholders, subject matter experts and audience research to help you determine what kind of content your audience craves and then craft it to provide the most value to your end-user and to be optimized for search engines.

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UX Design

UX Design

If content is the "what" of a website, then UX — or user experience — is the "how." Our team approaches design by first asking how the user is going to interact with every piece of content, and how to make that interaction easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Our design process is based on more than pretty colors and gut feelings. We conduct design research, construct detailed user paths and present you with wireframes and prototypes so that each step of the design process works toward creating an inspiring user experience.

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Web Development

Web Development

Once these worlds collide, our team will ensure your website has complete browser compatibility, responsiveness and top-notch quality. Our developers will also hook up your new website within a content management system (CMS). Using a CMS gives you the power to make website updates and changes on your own. If you are unfamiliar with CMS systems, don’t worry, we will train you on how to be a CMS expert.

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