Energize your stories.

While animations add a spark of liveliness to voiceover tracks, we believe that they should ultimately clarify your message and make it easier for audiences to remember key ideas. For us, and for your audience, animated videos are useful vehicles that can influence people to listen, learn and act.

Style Frames

At the beginning of every animation project, there's a style to find. Based on our initial conversations and creative briefs, our team of animators finds a mix of images and footage, buckets them into themes (such as modern or techy) and brings them together in a cohesive document for your review. These style frames provide the groundwork for creating more customized graphics specific to each animated video.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Just like any video production project, we write scripts and create storyboards. Once we have a certain style in mind, we adapt those to the script, normally in the form of an A/V (audio/visual) script. We connect still images with key moments in the script before animating the entire story.


Animatics add motion to static visual ideas—this may act as an additional pre-production step before diving into the full story. With a style and script to leverage, we present a few animated scenes—a character walking, text transforming, icons appearing and more. These animatics highlight some component parts of the full animated video to come.


In post-production, we draft fully animated scenes and connect them together according to the script and storyboard. The animation phase adds polish to initial animatics and builds the story from beginning to el fin.

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