Video Production

Find the right angle.

Films have the power to reveal different points of view. Sure, our video production experts might debate when to use a 30mm or 50mm lens, but they also know how crucial it is to consider diverse perspectives. Each film has many angles and lenses—we'll find the ones that impact your audience the most.

Strategy & Concept Development

Before writing a script, our crew asks about video length, format, distribution, promotion and target audiences to develop a video production strategy. From there, we mock up style frames and visual concepts to spark an open discussion about the direction for your video.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

We go gaga over pretty pictures, but the written word is just as important. Every audio-visual script we write goes through rounds of internal and external review, which keeps the main message and the visual direction in line with the video production strategy.

Video Production

This is where all the pre-production prep, such as scripting, location scouting and hiring actors, pays off. Once we're on set, we're ready to frame every shot, film compelling interviews and direct talent. In short, this is where we capture the right angle.

Editing & Color Grading

Combing through hours of footage isn't the most glamorous task, but our video crew buckles down in the editing bay to find the perfect moments for the first cut. We sync up audio, add the soundtrack and combine isolated clips into a cohesive film that spreads your message with some visual oomph.

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