Visual Effects


Add a little flair – or add a big flare. That's the beauty of visual effects. Our visual effects specialists know when and where to inject a magic moment into live action stories or animated videos. We'll spin up stunning ideas that put the finishing touches on any video project.

Dynamic Simulations

Smoke. Fire. EXPLOSIONS. Get the idea? Dynamic simulations make computer-generated things look as real as possible with detailed touches. Imagine adding subtle movements to an animated fish to make its head, spine, and fins move just like the real thing.

3D Pipeline

Our 3D pipeline, or 3D workflow, includes modeling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, texturing, lighting, rigging, and rendering. For the lay person, this means our visual effects specialists make otherwise flat, dull animations have depth and nuance.


Remember how the weatherman uses a green screen (or blue screen) to make it look like he's pointing at a map of forecasts? That's one way to think about compositing. But it also includes taking graphic elements and making them look like they are naturally part of any video's environment. We leverage blurring, color treatment, and other stylizations to make this happen.


Whether referred to as tracking or matchmoving, the goal is to recreate the camera within 3D space to allow graphic elements to "stick in place." For example, we might film a blank computer screen and replace it in post-production with any screen of our choice.

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