PR and Social Media


Get a leg up.

Well over a billion people are online and scrolling through social media — skimming news and scouring reviews from thousands of companies who vie for their attention. Public relations and social media can boost your company a step above the rest. We help your company define, reach and expand target audiences, promote pivotal moments, and manage your brand's identity through smart PR and social.

PR & Social Media Strategy

Like all successful campaigns, great public relations and social media campaigns start with strategy. We perform competitive analyses and channel audits, along with other research, to inform who we'll target, how we'll reach them, and how we'll measure KPIs.

Content Calendars

With a clever one-two combo, we leverage strategy to lay out when and how each element of a PR and social media campaign will work together across channels to extend your reach and spread effective messaging.

Three P's: Publishing, Posting and Placement

We provide powerful possibilities with three P's.

Publishing – We publish messaging, usually for PR purposes, through the newswire, your website, or content promotion platforms, such as Outbrain.

Posting – We post organic content on social channels directly or through social media management platforms, and we work with our Advertising Team to combine organic posts with social media ads.

Placement – We place your content—usually in the form of press releases, sponsored content, or white papers—in outlets that reach your target audience.

Not only do we publish, post and place, but we also work with our Content Marketing Team to create content that complements and boosts campaign performance.

Campaign Management

We don't let one-off publicity events become the norm. Our team will guide you through every step of PR and social media campaign management, from strategy and creative to monitoring and measuring. We provide full campaign support by offering proactive advice, like how to incorporate email into a social media marketing campaign.