Research and Strategy


We don't like to take shots in the dark. From strategy to execution, data and research inform everything we do. Digital experience research provides the foundation for every digital strategy we build and execute.

Keyword Research

Keyword research identifies the words, phrases and longtail terms your audience is using to search for content. Keyword research helps us gauge where you stack against competitors and insight into your search ranking strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the language your audience is speaking guides nomenclature for navigation, headings and content topics, so we can write smart copy your audience - and search - engines will find value in.

Analytics Audit

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve their needs. Tracking analytics on your website gives you incredible, measurable insight into what content your audience prefers, interacts with and responds to. We can follow user flows to better understand how visitors get to and behave on your site, and then we use that information to develop acquisition and retention strategies. Knowing which pages perform—and which pages don't—informs how we structure your website navigation and map your customer journey.

Usability Testing

What’s the best way to find out if something works? Test it, of course. We conduct usability testing for common use cases to determine where web users see benefits or drawbacks when it comes to your site’s content and functionality.

We use usability testing to set benchmarks at the beginning of a project and during the production phase to test new functionality, design elements and architecture.

Competitive & Industry Analysis

For us to be able to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, we need to get know your business and your industry. We conduct competitor analyses to see not only where you stand in search rankings and social media presence but also to identify industry trends, discover what content strategies work well for others and find out where your brand has opportunities to stand apart when talking to your audience.

Stakeholder Interviews

Getting to know your brand means getting to know you and your stakeholders. We conduct interviews with key stakeholders to identify pain points, audience insights and content needs.

Customer Surveys

Like any quality relationship, getting to know your audience is the first step to building brand loyalty. We closely examine your audience, from big-picture demographics to nuanced personas, to better understand what makes them tick. Understanding your audience—and where they are—are the keys to targeting, engaging and retaining them.

Focus Groups

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper. In-person focus groups let us ask specific questions and gain qualitative insight into the mindsets of real customers.

Content Audit (MOPA)

Every journey begins with a starting point. Our MOPA process stands for Modify, Omit, Protect and Add. We inventory all your current website content and identify what is working, what is missing and what should be modified.

Content & Design Exercises

Creativity is a muscle, and muscles need exercise. We plan and coordinate creative content and design exercises that involve your team, so that your insights are reflected in every step of the process.

Design Research

We’ll conduct research specific to your project to figure out how the latest web design trends and best practices fit with your brand and goals. We’ll work closely with you to further determine your design preferences and industry trends as we explore your website’s overall look, feel and tone.

Development Exploration

We closely examine the technical requirements of your project and determine the best build platform, hosting and content management systems (CMS) to suit your specific needs. We take into account file and data storage need, third-party tools, API integrations, and overall technical requirements.