UI/UX Design


UX—or user experience—design makes people's interactions with your website the top priority. During every step of our process, our UX designers are constantly asking how people explore your site.

What is UX design?

"Is it easy?"

"Is it obvious?"

"Is it valuable?"

Combined with first-rate content, UX design creates an experience that influences your target audience to engage and return.

Visual Research

Starting with the current state of your brand and a visual inventory of the competitive landscape, we explore what your website's design should help your company—and users—achieve. Paired with a collage of UX design examples, we ask questions like, "Is your company's message best explained in a linear fashion, or should a user be allowed to explore their own path?" and "Which visuals best represent the tone your website should convey?"

User Paths

Understanding how users move through your website helps us build a better customer journey that results in conversions. We look at your current web analytics to see how users are navigating your content now and work with you to determine goals for how we might improve your future website. User paths inform how we map the user experience and design wireframes.

Wireframes & Prototypes

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint. We don't build websites without a plan. Wireframes and prototypes give you a chance to see how your site will look and function before we invest a great deal of our time (and your money) into full design templates.

Design Discovery

Think of design discovery as if you're redesigning a house—you want to see samples of cabinet hardware, flooring styles, countertop materials, and paint colors before putting together a full design. During this stage, we explore multiple UI design options that align with findings from our initial visual research. This series of deliverables nails down the component parts of your website: buttons, navigation, typography, colors, text links, image types, and more.

Mobile-First Design

Our world is mobile. Your website should be, too. Every site we design and build is responsive and carefully crafted to maximize user experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

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