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Going digital for Cummins Analyst Day


As a global leader in power, Cummins designs, manufactures, and distributes power solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions and supporting a greener future.

Cummins’ Analyst Day event offered a chance for the company’s leaders to present the latest products, innovations, and initiatives and highlight the work they are doing to secure funding for new projects.


We created two videos — including cuts for social media — highlighting the Cummins’ Destination Zero intiative and featuring on-location footage, interviews, and inspiring shots of how Cummins’ solutions are taking on climate change.

With Covid-19 cases on the rise, our film team also helped set up a live stream of the event, so all of the featured speakers during Analyst Day could safely broadcast their message to investors and viewers worldwide.


More than 450 viewers tuned into the virtual event. Executive & Internal Communications employee Natalie Murphy called the live stream “a great event,” noting the flexibility and dedication needed to produce a top-notch broadcast.

Corporate Communications employee Katie Moreau added, “From a viewer perspective, it was really, really well done. It looked very professional!”

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Analyst Day
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