Supporting Indiana school teachers

Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) has an important job: supporting Indiana’s public schools and those who work within them.

With a membership bordering on 40,000 that includes teachers, education support professionals, college students and retirees, ISTA provides crucial opportunity, advocacy, legal representation and financial support to a group of people dedicated to ensuring bright futures for Indiana’s children.


Advocate is a quarterly magazine published by ISTA for its members. Launched in 2017, it features special member stories, advocacy and social justice issues, Association news, professional and lifestyle tips, and more. Most importantly, the magazine keeps members connected to their state and local associations and to each other.

Advocate is ISTA's first ever, standalone print publication, and we saw a chance to do something new while staying true to the brand. We worked closely with ISTA to establish a modern look and functional layout, emphasizing clean lines and readability. New typefaces, graphics, and image treatments put a fresh spin on their existing brand.

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Web Development

ISTA’s previous website was cumbersome and oversaturated with stale content. This was making it hard for visitors to find what they needed. It was confusing to get around and lacked key features visitors expected, like the option for members to quickly update their online profiles.

Thus, streamlining and interactivity became top priorities for the new website, which would also need to be integrated with their existing database of 40,000 members. NBD.

Together, we built the new site from the ground up, giving ISTA many of the tools they had only dreamed of with their old site. A sophisticated events calendar added map and registration features. We completely rethought content across the site to make it more useful for site visitors. A much cleaner blog, newsroom and member profiles added a final touch.

Overall, the site was simpler and more straightforward to use, not to mention better looking.

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