Penrod Arts Fair

The Penrod Society is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support arts, culture, and educational activities and institutions in Central Indiana. Pretty cool.

Each year brings the signature Penrod Arts Fair and an opportunity to raise public awareness and showcase the arts. And each year, TrendyMinds and Penrod collaborate to develop a theme and creative materials to promote the event.

Indiana’s Nicest Day®

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Promoted as “Indiana’s Nicest Day,” the theme and brand for each year’s fair is new and unique while still building on those of previous years, giving our team the chance to flex their creative muscles.

Adding to that is the need to create a brand that appeals to the fair’s wide and diverse audience. This of course includes people who attend the fair but also artists who want to participate in it and businesses who wish to support it.

Penrod Arts Fair
Penrod Arts Fair

Indiana’s Nicest Evening® is an exclusive preview of the Annual Penrod Arts Fair where visitors can be among the first to purchase work by the finest artists from across the country. TrendyMinds partners with Penrod to design all marketing materials needed to promote the premier event.

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