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Curiosity is our fuel.

At TrendyMinds, our philosophy is:
Inspire curiosity. Improve lives.

To make that happen alongside our clients, we Think Ahead.

We are marketers on a mission to turn empathy into impact.

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As the Agency of Preference®, we create boundary-pushing work for marketing leaders who want to positively impact their target audiences through empathetic marketing.

We become experts in clients’ brands, business priorities, and industries, often working in tandem with their larger agencies of record — not against them.

For marketing leaders, this means they’ll experience greater efficiency, fresh perspectives, and scalable cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality or scattering projects across 10 or 20 specialty agencies.

Why work with the Agency of Preference®?

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We believe empathy is the catalyst for producing boundary-pushing ideas.

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We are one of the world's largest LGBTBE® Certified Agencies via NGLCC.

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We have extensive enterprise experience in regulated industries.

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We offer comprehensive services, so you don’t need to juggle multiple specialty agencies.

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We immerse ourselves in your brand so we hit the mark quickly and with quality — the first time.


We’ve been building and implementing product and technology solutions since 1997.

Our core values drive business value.

Behind every decision, there’s a reason. Here are ours.

Put relationships first.

Think Ahead and push boundaries.

Know the why behind the what.

Bring your full self.