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Expanding diabetes disease state education


In 2016, TrendyMinds helped a major pharmaceutical company launch the “Off to a Good Start” campaign to empower and educate people with diabetes. This ongoing campaign received the 2020 Fierce Pharma Marketing Award for Social Media for Consumer.


Through a comprehensive digital advertising campaign featuring strategic, educational animated videos on a variety of diabetes-related topics, TrendyMinds helped the major pharmaceutical company communicate directly with millions of people with diabetes. As a cost-effective advertising platform with a large network of active users, Facebook offered the best opportunity to reach the target audience.


Through Facebook advertising, the “Off to a Good Start” campaign has reached over 35 million individuals (and counting) with a cost-per-click rate 56% better than the healthcare industry average. The Spanish-first animations reached 11 million Spanish-speaking Americans and accounted for more than half of all social media shares from the campaign.

An award for Fierce Pharma
Winner 2020 Fierce Pharma Marketing Award for Social Media for Consumer
Cartoons of men where red attire Mobile phone on a red background
Illustrations of a hand drawing shapes against a red background
A mobile phone with Spanish text on a red background An illustration of a family with a doctor