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Showcasing art through creative design


Each year brings the signature Penrod Arts Fair and an opportunity to raise public awareness and showcase the arts. And each year, TrendyMinds and Penrod collaborate to develop a theme and creative materials to promote the event.


Promoted as “Indiana’s Nicest Day,” the theme and brand for each year’s fair is new and unique while still building on those of previous years and appealing to the fair’s wide and diverse audience.


Indiana’s Nicest Evening® is an exclusive preview of the Annual Penrod Arts Fair where visitors can be among the first to purchase work by the finest artists from across the country.

Poster on white background
Red tickets on aqua background Coasters on aqua background
Blue poster on red background
Tickets on aqua background Coasters on aqua background
Yellow poster on green background
Poster on purple background
Yellow tickets on green background Yellow coasters on green background
A red poster on yellow background
Red tickets on a blue background Screenshots of website