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Honoring a city’s culture through video


The Indiana Pacers are a true bastion of the Midwest. When we got the chance to help them promote their new line of City Edition jerseys, we knew we wanted to do something special. We needed to create a series of videos — each unique and inspired by moments in Indianapolis’ past — to showcase the new jersey, excite fans, and increase product sales.


Since the collection itself was designed to celebrate the culture and history of Indianapolis, we leaned into a vintage aesthetic for the videos. It also happened to be the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Season, and we wanted to tie into the event’s “Moments Mixtape” theme.

We partnered with local outlets to curate fully original 70s-, 80s-, and 90s-inspired sets. The videos also feature local musical talent and original scores — as well as an appearance from then Pacers power forward and center Domantas Sabonis.


The result was a four-part video series that brought together the city’s past, local creators, nostalgia, and — of course — some rad new jerseys to celebrate the Pacers’ home city of Indianapolis.

Check out all the full series below.

Woman wearing pacers jersey Pacers logo with rainbow gradient
Picture of jukebox and basketball Pacers logo in electric abstract style
Man wearing headphones Pacers logo in 3D
Portrait of basketball player Headshot of basketball player