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Energizing an electrified power recruitment campaign


Global power leader Cummins, known for its diesel engines, added a new business segment: Electrified Power Solutions. In an effort to ramp up their investment and work in electrification, they wanted to more than double their headcount of electrification employees by the end of 2018.


We helped Cummins ideate, develop, and execute a recruitment campaign, “Feel the Energy.” The initiative targeted recent graduates and experienced engineers pursuing careers in electrification.


From May to December, the campaign drove 476 candidate leads for the Electrified Power Business Unit at Cummins.

Additionally, the campaign generated:

  • 214 new LinkedIn followers
  • 513,753 impressions
  • 14,301 engagements
  • 68,496 video views
  • 3,833 clicks
Rendering of CMI poster showcased in a walkway
Banner stating "feel the energy"
Mobile phone viewing CMI on facebook app Illustration of phone with graphics
Illustration of posters in train station
Two doctors chatting A doctor filling out a chart
Cummins stickers
People conversing around a truck