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Giving back to the film community


To reach as wide an audience as possible for scores of hardworking filmmakers each year, the Heartland International Film Festival (HIFF) needs highly polished and original promotional content. This nonprofit organization wants to direct as much of its revenues as possible to its prizes — $3.5 million and counting!


Since 2017, we have donated video production services to HIFF. Handling everything from scriptwriting and animation to sound mixing and editing, we create a series of promotional videos that appear on the organization’s website, local television, and in theaters prior to each film.


The size of the HIFF continuously grows, with 2021 drawing the biggest audiences and most screenings ever. Our promotional video was seen 162 times at the festival, in addition to thousands of online views.

A theater where Heartland International Film Festival 30th Anniversary is located
An astronaut sitting in a spaceship
A dashboard in spaceship with a red cup and a small hula dancer accessory An airlock on a spaceship with star light beaming in
An astronaut holding on to the side inside of a spaceship with the airlock open