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Guiding insurance buyers with easy-to-use website functionality


To provide insurance to its diverse commercial and personal audiences, Hylant faced the challenge of developing a website that would offer guided experiences for a range of coverage — from employee benefits to personal property.

With so many potential user journeys across separate microsites and landing pages, the goal was to create a dynamic online platform that acted as a digital sales representative, connecting buyers with relevant products and services while avoiding unnecessary distractions. Hylant also wanted a scalable site that would build brand authority and generate leads.

Primary goals:

  • Support sales teams

  • Build brand authority

  • Drive new leads


Based on in-depth user testing and website analytics, we knew we needed to make it easier — and faster — to complete key actions, such as getting a quote. We approached this in two ways: implementing a more modern, guided navigation and adjusting the site’s architecture to support SEO-related priorities, like providing optimized experiences to visitors who reach the site via non-branded keyword searches.

In addition, we enhanced site search functionality with built-in features like auto-fill, typo tolerance, and machine learning — making it a snap for customers to find specific resources. And, based on customer interviews that indicated the value of a personal connection with Hylant’s team, we added an employee directory to the site.


Since launching in early 2023, the site has seen a 75% increase in traffic driven by non-branded searches — a major win toward Hylant’s goals of using the website to attract new leads and build brand authority.

Check out the Hylant website.

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