Case Study

Brighter Futures Indiana Website

Case Study


Historically, the Brighter Futures Indiana website (an initiative of Early Learning Indiana, whose mission is to ensure children across the state gain the skills they need to succeed) acted as a hub for providing important information and resources to parents. However, research found that a wider audience of people was visiting the site in search of content tailored to their specific needs.

Early Learning Indiana identified three new target audiences — parents, program providers, and community partners — and tapped TrendyMinds to create a new website designed to serve all three of these audiences equally. The new website needed to be clean and easy to navigate, allowing any visitor to quickly find valuable resources and content.


We began this website build with two primary goals in mind: 1) continue providing parents with access to child care resources; and 2) cater to program providers and community partners with equally relevant resources and tools — both via clear, tailored paths through the website.

The TrendyMinds team worked alongside Early Learning Indiana throughout the website building process, collaborating on how best to serve their target audiences. The sitemapping phase of the project — where we organize pages and user journeys into a website architecture — was especially critical to achieving a clean, easy-to-navigate experience.


The newly launched Brighter Futures Indiana website has made it easier than ever for families, program providers, and community partners to find important information. “The reorganization and launch of could not have gone more smoothly. The TrendyMinds team were incredible leaders throughout the process," said Heather Pease, VP of Advancement. "They were responsive, helpful, bright, and creative to the max — all of the things I’ve come to love about TrendyMinds.”


Our Approach

We took an agile approach to this website project. Instead of working through the traditional design process (i.e. designing the full site, then handing it all off to development at once), our design and development teams worked in tandem to complete components and sections as they were ready.

With this more agile approach, our designer and developer could collaborate in pair-programming sessions to discuss pain points in real time and quickly produce work. This shortened the time to launch and increased the quality of our work — win-win.

We worked closely with the Early Leaning Indiana team to identify priority content and pages. This was essential to mapping user flows that ensured any site visitor, regardless of audience segment, could quickly find the information and resources they needed.

And because our team built the site in Craft CMS (we’re a Craft-verified partner!), it was simple for the Early Learning Indiana team to maintain and update the website on their own after launch.


Web Services

On top of meeting the needs of each target audience, the new Brighter Futures Indiana website needed to meet accessibility standards WCAG 2.1 A and AA. The content also needed to be simple to access, use, and understand for people of any education, background, or ability. With these considerations (and the client’s new brand in mind), we created a web component library to simplify how we executed a component-based design system — all directly in Craft.

Additionally, our team developed a number of “modules” for different content types and functionalities. These allow the Early Learning Indiana team to easily create new pages — or add to existing ones — with rich content on their own straight from the CMS. No dev assistance needed.

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