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Centennial of a Scientific Breakthrough

Global Pharma Company


2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, a medical breakthrough that has saved the lives of countless people with diabetes. To underscore their position as a champion for diabetes treatments and the people who depend on them, a global pharmaceutical company sought to commemorate this milestone.


TrendyMinds and the company collaborated on a three-year 100 Years of Insulin campaign to commemorate the history of insulin from its discovery in 1921, to its commercialization in 1923, and the century of innovation that followed. The campaign comprised a web page, timeline, and live action and animated videos.


In the first six months of the 100 Years of Insulin campaign, the landing page garnered 7,039 page views, the timeline had 880 visitors, and the video series produced by TrendyMinds had 5,828 views.

Our Approach

As in all healthcare projects, we took to heart the impact that this client’s work makes on real human lives. We started with the story of Leonard Thompson, who in 1921 was the first person with diabetes to be treated with insulin. He was just 14 years old when this discovery saved his life. Previously, the lives of people with diabetes were cut tragically short.

From that starting point, TrendyMinds created:

  • A vibrant landing page sharing the history of insulin from its 1921 discovery to the present day

  • A detailed timeline identifying key points throughout the history of diabetes research preceding the first century of insulin, beginning with the first recorded mention of diabetes symptoms in 1552 B.C.E.

  • A heartfelt series of animated videos highlighting emotional stories from people with diabetes

  • An engaging series of live-action videos sharing the powerful journeys of people with diabetes.

Check out the campaign landing page and watch the videos here.

LLY Insulin Centennial 02


TrendyMinds worked as one team, across a variety of talents to successfully produce the finished product.

Video Production

Think Ahead Studios developed and produced four animated videos, sharing the stories of real people with diabetes and explaining how insulin is used to treat this widespread disease.

Copywriting and Design

The copy team wrote content for the web page and scripts for the videos, skillfully balancing educational information with sensitivity to real patients and their emotional stories.

TrendyMinds’ designers created the web page, timeline, and corresponding social media posts to syndicate the content. They developed a look and feel that was unique to the campaign, capturing its historical look and feel, while adhering to the pharmaceutical company’s strict brand guidelines.

Social Media

Social media experts from our Digital Marketing Team chose Facebook and Twitter to distribute the video assets, generate engagement, and prepare responses to questions and comments.