Case Study

Earth Day Puppets

Case Study

Inspired by Johnny Kelly, a few team members from TAS and TMI wanted to make our very own stop-motion puppet film. Earth Day was right around the corner and we thought it would be even more impactful if we used found, recycled and scraps to make our puppets.

After we got a basic script in order, we designed some scenes and starting making puppets. The result was a simple and fun way to celebrate Earth Day.

This project was primarily exploration. We weren't sure exactly how it would all turn out, but we knew the process would be fun either way. We were definitely happy with the outcome.

Because the outcome of this film was uncertain, we couldn't dedicate many actual work hours towards its completion. But we were able to use the facilities after hours to gather and work on the project. We worked many late nights on this labor of love. And with just a day or two left before Earth Day, our animation team banded together to remove strings, add clouds and animate the eyes. All of our hard work paid off.