Case Study

Cummins Giant Leaps

Case Study


The world is hungry for different forms of energy, ones that are cleaner and more sustainable. Fortunately, Cummins has an answer: hydrogen. Cummins needed a way to showcase their hydrogen energy solutions in a persuasive manner, so they called on the TrendyMinds team to craft a cinematic and compelling video.


3…2…1.. Blastoff! The TMI team chose to take viewers to space for this Cummins video, and give them a new vantage point on Earth. Using interviews from Cummins board member and former astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz, the TMI team was able to give a perspective on energy use on Earth from someone who has seen the planet from outside the atmosphere.

Franklin Chang Diaz points out the beauty of Earth, but also how the human need for more and more energy is robbing Earth of its resources and causing high levels of pollution. He then presents hydrogen as a better alternative energy source for the planet, and Cummins is presented as a leader in the hydrogen space.

The video was filmed by four of our team members at Cummins’ Indianapolis headquarters. It was then edited and finalized at our state-of-the-art film studio.


The end result is a video that’s both educational for audiences and promotional for Cummins. It informs people about the need for alternative energy sources like hydrogen, while also promoting Cummins as the go-to source for hydrogen energy solutions. This video serves as an example of how TrendyMinds can plan, execute, and deliver entertaining and informative videos that showcase our client’s values and missions.