Case Study

Hurst Beans

Case Study


Hurst Beans's previous CMS didn't provide the flexibility to create the user experience they wanted to give visitors to their corporate and product sites. They wanted their new website to give customers a seamless purchase experience and serve as a place to house and share recipes — all while being easy to manage.


By redesigning and developing both the corporate and product sites in Craft 3, we were able to allow for multi-site management and to incorporate integrations that offered the flexibility and functionality desired by Hurst.


Our web service line produced two sites for Hurst, Hurst Beans (a product-focused site) and N.K. Hurst (the corporate site). As a result:

  • The product site saw a 5% increase in avg. session duration and a 4.7% reduction in bounce rate.
  • The corporate site saw an 8.2% increase in avg. time on page and a 14.3% decrease in avg. page load time.
HURST Recipes Page


Hurst Beans is an iconic brand for residents of the Midwest and across the U.S. Since the company’s founding in 1938, they have grown to become the #1 selling brand of dry beans in the country.

We knew the brand’s websites needed to evoke a sense of homegrown comfort and nostalgia while also offering a slick, modern digital experience.


The updated product site features a number of ways users can interact with the Hurst Beans brand. The popular Recipes section shows off many ways to incorporate Hurst products into all kinds of cuisines, diets, and cooking methods. Several of the recipes include video instructions.

Users can also use the Store Locator tool, which is an integration with Destini, to find physical stores nearby that carry Hurst Beans products.

From a design standpoint, the new website takes on a cleaner, more modern aesthetic, while retaining the charm and friendly personality of the brand. Our partners over at Think Ahead Studios captured the custom photography featured across both websites.

NKHURST History i Pad Mockup 01

CMS, Integrations, and Plugins

The key factor behind the new Hurst websites is the Craft 3 CMS. Not only does Craft 3 allow for the integrations and flexibility Hurst was looking for, it lets them manage their multiple sites from within the same tool — and behind the same login — by simply toggling back and forth.

This also allows the otherwise separate websites to share assets like photos, videos, and graphics in a single library that both sites can pull from.

To make these website improvements possible, we knew we’d be dealing with some key integrations between third-party tools and the Craft CMS. These included an integration with Destini, the tool behind the Store Locator, and Algolia, the tool powering the global website search.

Hurst was already using Square to host their online store, which made it easy to link this up to their primary nav and direct users straight to the store to purchase Hurst products.

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