Case Study

Indiana Hospital Association

Case Study

As a leader and advocate for Indiana hospitals, Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) has many responsibilities. It gives a voice and representation to hospitals across the state. It provides a connection to other healthcare organizations and the business community. It also educates the public on important health issues in Indiana.

Juggling these responsibilities is a lot of work, and IHA needed a partner with the right combination of marketing and healthcare industry knowledge to support them. That’s where we step in.

An important part of IHA’s work is educating the public on important health issues, including a campaign around Sepsis Awareness Month in September.

Sepsis is a dangerous reaction that can happen in response to an infection. It is more common than heart attacks and claims the lives of nearly half the people who get it. Despite this, only 47% of Americans have heard of sepsis, and fewer understand its severity or warning signs.

We helped IHA and their partner, the Indiana Patient Safety Center (IPSC) plan a statewide awareness campaign. The campaign sought to educate hospitals, regional patient safety coalitions and the public on sepsis symptoms, risk factors and prevention. Ultimately, the goal was to save lives.

Campaign Branding

We worked with IHA and IPSC, to design a visual brand unique to the sepsis campaign. Distinct from both the IHA and IPSC brands, the "See it. Stop it. Survive it." campaign brand was geared toward creating broad appeal. It's focus was on the message rather than the sponsoring parties.

The campaign starkly presented facts and statistics in uncluttered graphics paired with emotionally driven imagery. A red ribbon unfolded throughout each piece, creating a common thread.

The visual brand governed the design of social media posts, digital ads, outdoor ads, a landing page, posters and signage, t-shirts, and more.

Sepsis Billboard Eco Poster 082216

Landing page

The Survive Sepsis landing page housed sepsis facts, answered common questions and shared real stories, all to prompt people to learn and get involved. Over the month-long push, more than 11,500 people visited the site, spending an average of four and a half minutes there — and sometimes as many as ten. These session times indicate that people found the page content useful and were willing to spend time engaging with it.

Sepsis Landing

Digital, social and outdoor ads

The right mix of paid advertising was important in getting in front of a diverse audience. We developed a comprehensive digital ad plan, including programmatic display ads targeted to Indiana adults, alongside a paid Facebook advertising campaign. We also provided artwork and guidelines for regional coalitions, which led to 16 billboard placements throughout the state.

Sepsis Facebook Ads Small

Member toolkits

From the start, we knew that member hospitals would be vital for reaching the public but would need some guidance. To help them, we put together toolkits complete with FAQs, images for social media, posters, and more.

The toolkits served a dual purpose: first, they made it easy for member hospitals to participate, and second, they made sure that IHA and all its members were sending the same, consistent message.

Member Toolkit Small

Toolkits provided for:

  • 3,000 IHA members
  • 11 patient safety coalitions

Programmatic display ads:

  • Over 1.3 million impressions in one month
  • 22% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) vs previous year's campaign
  • 38% increase over industry average CTR
  • 48% decrease in Cost Per Click (CPC) vs previous year's campaign

Facebook ads:

  • Over 11,000 link clicks driving users to the Survive Sepsis landing page
  • 38% increase in CTR vs previous year's campaign
  • 400% increase over industry average CTR

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