Case Study


Case Study

Even in an era when families, small businesses and large corporations are all very conscious of their environmental footprints, “air quality” isn’t the sexiest cause to take up. “Down with Particulate Matter!” hardly has the ring of “Save the Polar Bears!” and urban haze lacks the visual tug of shorn forests or oil-slicked, seafaring birds. Air, for the most part, is transparent even when it’s polluted.

When we first partnered with Knozone in 2013, most central Indiana residents—79%—were familiar with summertime Knozone Action Days but were less familiar with Knozone as a 365-days-a-year organization.

Our task, then, was two-fold: how do we help people care about air quality, and how do we grow awareness of the Knozone brand?

We began by taking a second look at the Knozone brand. The name “Knozone” had good recognition, and visually, it fell in line with other City of Indianapolis programs, with a standard text and Indianapolis logo treatment. Since Knozone was a different kind of city program, though, we wanted to give the brand legs to stand on in its own right.

We conducted surveys and stakeholder interviews to better understand how Indianapolis residents and potential partner organizations viewed the brand. Focus groups helped us test and narrow down creative until we landed on a modernized, simplified logo that retained its roots to the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability while setting itself apart.

Kno Logo

We then developed messaging that confronted Indianapolis’ air quality issue head on, which we rolled out with a cross-channel advertising campaign and brand new, custom website.

To reintroduce Knozone to Indianapolis, we planned and executed the “Sincerely, Indy” cross-channel advertising campaign. Integrating digital and traditional fronts that included digital signs, promoted social posts, billboard signage and bus ads, the campaign—which personified a resolved Indianapolis—injected a fresh voice into the Knozone brand. Combined with custom photography and design collateral, we saw a 500% increase in web traffic during the campaign’s timeframe.

Kno Advertising

Any brand, no matter how spankin’, is only as good as the audience it reaches and inspires. To grow the Knozone audience in 2016, we partnered with a long-standing pillar of central Indiana, the Indianapolis Indians. The partnership offered Knozone an opportunity to reach a large, diverse and receptive audience during a record-breaking season for attendance. A combination of stadium digital signage, in-game activations and social media promotions led to a healthy uptick in Knozone’s social engagement, including more than a million social impressions and a 112% increase in Facebook followers.

Getting the Knozone name out there wasn’t enough, though. We needed to make sure that when users reached the website, ready to act or engage, they wouldn’t be disappointed. We created unique, interactive content, including infographics and videos to explain the problem of air quality and teach visitors how to address it.

Our next step was to establish a dedicated, dynamic space where our audience could return to find frequent, high-quality content. This led to the "Clear The Air" blog, launched on Earth Day 2016. In its first year, we published 23 blog posts and 3 infographics and supplied Knozone’s social channels with original content to drive engagement.

Kno Content

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