Case Study

Lids Promotional Videos

Case Study


Lids is one of the largest athletic headwear retailers in America. As Lids sells officially licensed headwear for major professional and collegiate sports teams, there are many emotional connections that sports fans may have to the hats they buy from Lids.

The company tasked our film team with tapping into these emotional connections as we shared fans’ stories on film — from the joy of hanging out with friends to the magic of a connection with a fellow fan across the street.


Our film work for Lids comprised two videos: #LidsLoyal and The Gift of Lids.

With #LidsLoyal, we took a fun and energetic approach to showing the ways Lids’ baseball caps fit into everyday life, from watching sports to playing sports to a date with a fan of a rival team. Shot over two days across multiple locations in Chicago with various actors and models, #LidsLoyal explored the exciting connections we can make with others while sporting our favorite sports team’s headwear.

In The Gift of Lids, we brought emotion to the forefront with a sweet story about a young girl who always wears her favorite team’s hat on her walk to school. She sees a fellow fan across the street and notices his comparatively tattered headwear as the days go by. She then asks her father to give the stranger the gift of a brand new cap.