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Lifesaving COVID-19 Treatment Awareness Campaign

Global Pharma Company


As people were dying of COVID-19 and no vaccine yet existed, a global pharmaceutical company quickly developed a novel monoclonal antibody (mAb) treatment. With emergency use authorization from the FDA, they needed to disseminate trustworthy information to healthcare providers and the general population, particularly those at high risk for severe COVID-19, as well as healthcare providers. Healthcare providers had little if any existing knowledge about mAbs for COVID-19 or how to set up infusion sites to administer the treatment.


The pharmaceutical company tapped TrendyMinds to help them urgently organize, design, and launch an awareness strategy and materials. They required detailed playbooks for healthcare providers and infusion centers, as well as materials to reach potential patients and state and federal governments to raise awareness of the treatments.


In six months, the campaign garnered more than two billion impressions, and drove millions of visitors to Hundreds of thousands of users clicked to find mAb treatments near them. More than 500,000 patients in 20 countries received infusions of this mAb treatment, vastly reducing their risk of severe illness, hospitalization, or death.

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Our Approach

We approached this project with the urgency that came with knowing it would save lives. We joined forces with the client to form one team, devoted to the mAb project, that maintained close daily communication.

Tapping a full range of design, development, and marketing expertise, TrendyMinds produced:

  • Detailed playbooks to educate healthcare providers on the use of the COVID-19 treatment

  • An Infusion Operations Manual, which gave direction on how to set up an infusion center for administration of the COVID-19 treatment

  • A digital campaign to raise public awareness about this particular type of treatment, a monoclonal antibody, distributed via paid search, display, and social media ads

  • A high-risk patient criteria graphic to help healthcare providers easily identify who was eligible

  • Educational presentations for government agencies and healthcare providers

  • A roadmap document to capture key learnings in this revolutionary approach to bringing therapies to the public in such a short time


It was necessary to fully understand the target audiences, their barriers to understanding, and their motivations, along with the constraints of operating under emergency use authorization. From there, TrendyMinds developed a multi-channel strategy for how to disseminate the information and explain it clearly.

M AB awareness campaign Guidebook 010621 pptx 1 M AB awareness campaign Guidebook 010621 pptx copy


TrendyMinds’ copy team worked alongside the pharmaceutical company’s communications professionals to craft the right messaging, taking care to convey accurate, easy-to-understand information in a way that was most relevant to the target audience. Content included website copy, downloadable “playbooks,” and fact sheets, all of which required frequent updating as circumstances evolved. They later developed internal materials for the pharmaceutical company to document the processes for launching a treatment with such urgency.


TrendyMinds designed playbooks, fact sheets, and a variety of digital ads. They also created an infographic explaining the complex and strict eligibility requirements for patients to receive the treatments. This was all accomplished with quick turnarounds and ongoing changes.

LLY m ABS Mockups

Digital Media

The team developed a social media marketing campaign in order to reach the target audiences through Facebook and Twitter. Visual assets and copy—in English and Spanish—were created to work in various combinations and distributed based on geography and where mAbs were most needed.

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Video Production

TrendyMinds produced a series of videos from start to finish, including script writing, casting, location scouting, filming, directing, and editing. They were used for the website and social media channels.