Case Study

Ice Miller Marco's Brewery

Case Study


Our client, Ice Miller Environmental Law firm, helps small businesses “grow their futures” by navigating environmental rules and regulations. Of course, environmental law is a dense and complex topic, and they needed a creative team to help bring this concept to life through storytelling.


TrendyMinds helped “break the ice” on this challenging topic by focusing on one small business owner to illustrate the story. Our team created an animated video starring Marco, a small business owner who wanted to open a community brewery. The video explained how opening a brewery comes with a number of environmental regulation challenges that small business owners must overcome. In this case, Marco overcomes them with help from Ice Miller.


The end result was a compelling and accessible video that shows the human side of environmental law, and how it’s so often entangled in the start-up and ownership of small businesses. The video used emotion and empathy to make a complex topic more relatable. It has now become a fixture on Ice Miller’s Grow Futures webpage, and it’s still used to attract small businesses to their firm.

Our Approach

We were involved in every step of the video creation process, from ideation and script writing to editing and finishing. Our video team handled the animation, sound design, and development in our state-of-the art film studio space.