Case Study

Midwest Fertility Specialists

Case Study

Like many issues in healthcare, infertility can be a difficult topic — for patients, their families and even for the doctors who help them.

When we began working with Midwest Fertility Specialists, we knew how important it would be to get our message exactly right. Luckily, we were able to draw from the continual warmth and compassion present in the care provided by the physicians at Midwest Fertility.

As the largest fertility center in Indiana, Midwest Fertility provides complete care for their patients, from diagnostic testing to advanced treatment and surgery. Their brand needs to reflect both expertise and understanding.

For a small team of doctors — who are already very busy being doctors — managing the Midwest Fertility brand across different channels was a challenge their internal team didn’t have the time or marketing background to do consistently.

In the time we’ve worked with Midwest Fertility, we’ve lassoed their brand across these different channels and brought them under a single look and voice, presenting them with a brand playbook that set rules around their logo, brand fonts, colors, and voice.

Midwest Fertility Brand Outline2

Midwest Fertility wanted to drive new visitors to their website — and, ideally, into their offices as well. First, though, they needed an update.

For patients and couples, dealing with infertility is frustrating and confusing enough. Finding a doctor shouldn’t be. Knowing this, our focus for the website was to build a clean, simple-to-use structure that made it as easy as possible for patients to find the information they were looking for.

Midwest Fertitlity Web Midwest Fertility Website

Websites are living things. Content gets stale, links break and best practices evolve. Websites need to be maintained. A year following the launch, we conducted a sitewide audit to see what we could improve.

The audit led us to update and expand content based on what website visitors were looking for, as well as adjust forms and interactive elements of the site. After some spring cleaning, Midwest Fertility had a website better equipped to serve users and more prepared for the coming year’s marketing priorities.

We took over the strategy and daily management of Midwest Fertility’s social media accounts. This includes planning and creating content — from daily updates to graphics and videos — posting it, and interacting with followers.

A large part of the strategic work we do with Midwest Fertility's social media centers on periodic campaigns.

National Infertility Awareness Week

The CDC says that approximately 1 in 8 couples struggle to build a family. Despite its prevalence, infertility carries a stigma. Each year in April, National Infertility Awareness Week seeks to combat this stigma.

We helped Midwest Fertility plan and carry out an Infertility Awareness campaign to run throughout the week. It built on the story of Jay Howard, an IndyCar driver Midwest Fertility had sponsored for the Indy500 and a Midwest Fertility patient himself. We shot a testimonial video with Jay and Courtney, his wife, and gave them their own page on the website.

We shared the campaign across social media channels, advertised on radio, and reached out to local media.

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