Case Study

Mmmmmm . . . donuts.

Case Study

Devouring donuts and sipping coffee is a classic American experience, a simple and sweet combo that can bring people together across generations.

Dunkin’ Donuts has built a renowned reputation at the core of this donuts-and-coffee experience. Salesforce has helped Dunkin’ build and keep that reputation—along with a loyal audience. To emphasize the power of this partnership, our video crew teamed up with Salesforce to produce our fourth customer success story.

To nail these customer stories during production, we go through weeks of vital pre-production with Salesforce’s customer marketing and engagement team, along with their creative leads. Knowing the visual mood of the piece as well as the key responses we needed to elicit during on-camera interviews were big drivers of how we approached the underlying narrative in this film. Plenty of behind-the-scenes prep ensured efficiency while on set and led to an on-message, on-brand story that our team and Salesforce’s team could be proud of.

One of the biggest challenges we encountered was bridging the gap between Salesforce’s and Dunkin’ Donuts’ key messages to highlight each company’s vision. We needed to incorporate four core themes from Salesforce, including how marketers can create unique, 1-to-1 journeys for their customers. That message, among others, paired with Dunkin’s goal to personalize digital and in-store experiences gave us what we needed to finalize the narrative and tell a great story.

While these films are driven by the ultimate story of how Salesforce’s customers meet their goals, we know that a hint of crafty animation can bring a story to life even more.

For one of the opening scenes, our visual effects gurus rendered a striking 3D environment where a coffee cup drops into frame and scrolling text appears on its right.

This animation takes on realistic aesthetics through many layers of modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and compositing, among other visual effects.

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