Case Study

Salesforce Detroit Public School Kits

Case Study


As the ongoing pandemic caused uncertainty surrounding students’ return to school, Salesforce wanted a way to show their continued commitment to supporting teachers and students alike.

Wanting to make a meaningful contribution to teachers and students in the Detroit area — home to Salesforce partner General Motors — Salesforce tapped TrendyMinds to help create supply kits for schools as they started a very different kind of school year.


With safety and COVID precautions top of mind, we knew the kits needed to be versatile. Teachers and students needed items that could be used in both e-learning and in-person settings for individual use without the worry of spreading germs. Additionally, Salesforce wanted to include STEM-centric products, specifically from LEGO.

The TrendyMinds team began sourcing items that teachers and students could use at home or in the classroom. We procured items from existing Salesforce customers — Crayola, Hallmark, and LEGO — to create each kit. The kits included:

  • LEGO backpacks
  • Crayola washable markers
  • Crayola crayons
  • Branded hand sanitizer
  • Branded headphones with a microphone
  • 12-page coloring books
  • Personalized Hallmark greeting cards for the teachers

Each kit was packaged with a branded shipping decal and delivered to the schools. In addition to the individual kits, Salesforce delivered LEGO education kits to the schools’ libraries.


Salesforce’s goal was to support Detroit Public Schools with a mantra of “blazing a future, together,” as their guiding principle. With the help of TrendyMinds, Salesforce delivered 130 kits to Detroit-area schools in time for the start of the school year.

The daily challenges brought on by the pandemic meant we needed to think outside of the box to deliver a campaign that was fun and engaging while including appropriate, relevant messaging around the circumstances at hand. As teachers continue to navigate the changing landscape of instructing during COVID-19, Salesforce and TrendyMinds came together to provide a source of excitement and support teachers and their students. And, to top it all off, Salesforce was able to include their own customers in the give-back initiative.

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Our Approach

Salesforce’s direct mail kit campaign brought unique challenges as safety precautions surrounding COVID-19 had to be taken into consideration. After partnering with Salesforce, we drafted a list of items that would be of use to teachers and students and could be adapted to both in-classroom and virtual learning environments. Once the list was narrowed down, TrendyMinds designed the kits, wrote supporting copy, and worked alongside Tactive to produce and ship them.

Salesforce recognized the unique opportunity to give back to their communities and support the schools in Detroit. Working with TrendyMinds allowed the two companies an opportunity to deliver unexpected support to teachers and students to highlight their commitment to education, with a focus on STEM.

Direct Mail Kits

Direct mail kits are a unique opportunity to have a memorable touchpoint with your audience without the need for face-to-face interaction. Each kit can be customized to include the items your audience most needs; in this case, Salesforce could provide educational tools to support the changing needs of public classrooms.

For Salesforce’s campaign, the customization afforded by direct mail kits allowed the campaign’s messaging to shine through. The Hallmark greeting card highlighted Salesforce’s appreciation for teachers, while the students’ items were meant to spark creativity and encourage learning. The design of the box also supported the campaign’s message by showing Salesforce’s mascot Codey wearing a beret, surrounded by canvas and paint brushes. Supporting copy was written with a focus on gratitude, perseverance, and inspiration in challenging times. All of these components worked together to cement Salesforce’s commitment to teachers and students as they moved towards a better future — together.

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