Case Study

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Case Study


Content marketing in the tech and B2B spaces is competitive and fast-paced. The Marketing Cloud team needed support producing top-quality, strategic blog content for a knowledge-hungry business audience.


Our team of creative, marketing-minded writers supports the Marketing Cloud blog team with SEO-friendly, high-quality blog content written in Salesforce’s unique voice and targeted to an audience of marketing professionals.


Since 2017, we’ve supported the Marketing Cloud team with content for multiple blogs posts each week, with additional support around key conferences and events, including the annual Connections conference.

Our Approach

Tech industry leader Salesforce has a large and diverse audience to serve. The company offers a dozen product clouds with solutions for companies of every size in areas of all kinds, from sales to service. For marketers in particular, Marketing Cloud combines automation, AI capabilities, journey building software, and much more to help companies deliver more effective, personalized experiences to their customers.

We work closely with the Marketing Cloud team to identify priorities, develop topics, and create unique content that ties to quarterly themes and drives engagement with the Marketing Cloud audience. As marketers ourselves, we’re also excited at the opportunity to hone our own knowledge and share it with others.

Content Marketing

The content we develop for the Marketing Cloud team is published on the larger Salesforce blog and covers everything from customer stories to practical “how-to” information for marketers to thought leadership around the evolution of AI and future of marketing.

As with any web or blog content we develop, we take steps up front to make sure it’s unique and high-quality. Content churn doesn’t benefit anyone — Salesforce or their customers. We work directly with marketing experts at Salesforce to gather ideas, research our own topics, and identify keywords to ensure every piece we produce is SEO-friendly and valuable to Salesforce’s marketing audience.

As part of our content marketing strategy, the content we develop is part of the larger Salesforce customer journey. Every blog we write has a strategic end goal and drives readers to engage further. That may be through downloading a resource, signing up for a webinar, or reading another blog.

Project Overview

TEAM: Nick Pasotti, Abby Balbach, Ephraim Rudolph, Carrie Latimer

CLIENT: Salesforce
INDUSTRY: Technology
SERVICES: Content Marketing

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