Case Study

Salesforce Mergers and Acquisitions

Case Study


A significant portion of Salesforce’s massive growth hinges on mergers and acquisitions. But bringing new companies under the Salesforce marketing umbrella includes more than simply copying and pasting content from one site to another. In every acquisition, no matter how large or small, Salesforce needs to figure out a way to transition the new company’s people, processes, technology, and content smoothly, all without disrupting customer and prospect journeys.


We assisted Salesforce’s digital and marketing operations teams during acquisitions of CloudCraze, Demandware, Datorama, and MapAnything. Through research and strategy — including multiple gap analyses and keyword assessments — our team led content creation and UI/UX design efforts to create new product pages, migrate articles with high SEO value, and build key form pages to keep lead generation strategies on track.


Over the course of a two-year period, our team developed a robust, on-brand web presence for the companies that Salesforce acquired — all on Our work ensured that these companies did not lose longstanding SEO value from their former websites and that all leads routed to the appropriate sales teams, which kept both content marketing and lead generation strategies running smoothly.

  • Form pages launched: 65+
  • Customer stories launched: 23
  • Product pages launched: 7+
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Our Approach

We always value a research-first approach, and these mergers and acquisitions projects are no different. Through a comprehensive gap analysis and SEO assessment, we identified high-value content from the acquired companies’ websites that would benefit Salesforce’s organic search rankings. We vetted and organized all existing content, adapted copy and imagery to fit Salesforce’s brand, and used UX design principles to make it easy for website visitors to find the information they needed.

Research & Strategy

Using tools like Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, and other digital tools that acquired teams used (such as Hubspot for forms and landing pages), our digital marketing team found which content from the acquired company’s website was most valuable. After comparing our findings with organic search data about, we whittled down our list of URLs to ones with content that would provide the most SEO oomph to

This research, along with the acquired team’s input on which landing pages corresponded to ongoing campaigns, led us to a final list of content that we would take into the copywriting and design phases.

Content Development

While certain pieces of content, such as customer stories or case studies, only needed minor tweaks to tone and copy, other pieces of content were brand new. The core value propositions for CloudCraze and Demandware, for example, became a series of new product pages for Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud offering. We also transitioned other key pages from the acquired team’s website into stand-alone pages meant to drive organic search traffic to

UI/UX Design

Even though Salesforce’s product pages seem to have similar layouts, our UI/UX design team went through multiple wireframe and design phases to launch the new product pages. Some of the challenges involved hierarchy of commerce products, such as deciding how to organize information about B2C Commerce and B2B Commerce — the two main sub-products within Commerce Cloud. With this came the challenge of even more sub-offerings and deciding how website visitors could navigate those without getting confused or lost. When all was said and done, our team finalized designs and helped Salesforce launch multiple product pages that displayed perfectly on any device.

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Project Overview

TEAM: Reese Henderson, Abigail Balbach, Holyn Marshall, Katiana Montenegro, Jess Bradway, Nick Pasotti, Ephraim Rudolph

CLIENT: Salesforce
INDUSTRY: Technology
SERVICES: Research & Strategy, Content Development, UI/UX Design

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