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Case Study


The world of B2B marketing is constantly evolving, and marketers are always on the lookout for resources that can help them effectively serve customers and stay ahead of the competition. In addition to providing an innovative B2B marketing automation platform on the #1 CRM — Salesforce — Pardot has positioned its website as a hub for educational and easy-to-digest B2B marketing content, and often turns to TrendyMinds to help create this content.


Our writers immerse themselves in all things Pardot and B2B marketing to craft research-based e-books, web pages, white papers, blogs, and social media posts that inform and inspire B2B marketers everywhere, as well as showcase the various benefits of the Pardot B2B marketing automation platform.


Our content marketing work for Pardot has included flagship industry research e-books, key website FAQ pages, and timely social media posts and blogs, with additional content support for the Marketing Trends podcast presented by Pardot.

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Our Approach

Pardot aims to grow the reputation of its website as an online B2B marketing thought leadership hub, as well as attract new customers who may be interested in the Pardot B2B marketing automation platform. The Pardot product itself allows B2B marketers to easily generate and manage leads, streamline email marketing strategies, and seamlessly align with sales departments — all with the added power of complex artificial intelligence through Salesforce Einstein.

The key audiences for Pardot are B2B marketing leaders in financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and manufacturing. We work alongside the Pardot team to develop engaging new content that showcases the trends shaping those industries and explains how marketing automation can help B2B marketers deliver personalized customer experiences and find success in the ever-changing B2B landscape.

Content Marketing

The materials we have created for Pardot have been published throughout the entire Pardot website, from FAQ pages for common audience questions, to interactive digital content, to the official blog. Our many e-books and white papers, including the topline 2019 research asset B2B Marketing Trends: Insights from the Frontlines of B2B Marketing, are hosted on the featured resources page.

Whenever we set out to develop new content, we have conversations and take steps to make sure that it will fulfill a real purpose and say something unique. While a high-volume content strategy is essential to many businesses today, nobody wants redundant, cookie-cutter content made just for the sake of creating content — not Salesforce, not Pardot, and not us.

Working with the B2B marketing automation experts at Pardot, we strategically plan out future content topics before conducting our own research and writing SEO-friendly informative assets that provide genuine value and new insights to B2B marketers.

Every piece of content we develop for Pardot ties into an overarching Salesforce customer journey, with the strategic purpose of driving audiences to engage further with the family of products and services provided by the company — through other web pages, videos, interactive content, blog posts, and more.

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SFC Pardot Social Posts

Project Overview

TEAM: Nick Pasotti, Abby Balbach, Ephraim Rudolph, Carrie Latimer, Graham Allgood

CLIENT: Salesforce
INDUSTRY: Technology
SERVICES: Content Marketing

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