Case Study

Salesforce Customer Story – Shazam

Case Study


Through Salesforce, countless companies have found pathways to greater business success and deeper customer engagement. Our film team was tasked with highlighting the Salesforce-powered successes experienced by the team behind the iconic mobile app Shazam.

One of the most popular mobile apps of all time, Shazam is used by millions to identify the music playing around them at grocery stores, airports, parties, and anywhere else a great song is on.

Shazam has achieved exciting things using Salesforce; they improved their data quality and made reporting more efficient with Salesforce’s artificial intelligence and analytics platform. It was our job to bring this story to life on film.


To record each of these stories, we went straight to the source; shooting on location at Shazam headquarters in New York City. We filmed interviews with top decision-makers at the company, VP of Ad Operations Pete Miles and Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday.

These executives worked closely with Salesforce to implement the innovative solutions that led to their success and spoke in detail about Shazam’s evolution and how data helps them connect with their customers. As they relayed their stories, we captured their excitement and emotion. We also made sure to take environmental shots of the headquarters and footage of Shazam’s Salesforce solutions in action across multiple locations.

When we returned to the studio, our editing team cut and compiled the footage into the videos you can now see on this page. To show technology at its best, all of the active screens in the videos were added by our visual effects team after the footage was shot on blank screens.


From start to finish, the Shazam video involved script writing, ideation, concept creation, talent procurement, on-set direction, cinematography, sound design, voice recording, editing, visual effects, and finishing — which all happened collaboratively between TrendyMinds and Salesforce.