Case Study


Case Study

Those of us who call Indianapolis home know that our city harbors a diversity of backgrounds, lifestyles, tastes and cultures. Indianapolis, the Circle City, the Crossroads of America, is known for bridging the gap between urban progress and smalltown USA - and capitalizing on the best each has to offer. These are some of the reasons why Indy has transformed itself in recent years from a sleepy highway town to a booming cultural hub.

In a city that’s growing fast, it can be a challenge to stand out from the storm. We needed to help Rubicon discover a brand that could tie together the unique aspects of an upcoming residential property, namely bringing together the location’s historical roots and the building’s modern conveniences. We set to work figuring out how to re-envision this “development project” as a place with a name, and somewhere someone could call home.

Our first task was to find the right name for the new residential development. We went through a series of interviews with the team at Rubicon and brainstorms with our team to present creative inspirations and naming options. We drew on both the physical and historical aspects of the development’s location—an old and prominent neighborhood near the city’s downtown. We also toyed with playful derivatives of the name “Rubicon.”

Rub Branding Image2@2X

After presenting a variety of options to the team at Rubicon, we landed on Three19, a name gleaned from the development’s historical location, abstracted to fit its modern aesthetic. It was simple, direct, timeless and descriptive.


With a shiny, new name in the bag, next we needed to solidify the brand’s visual identity. We started by researching industry trends as well as analyzing the character at the heart of the newly named Three19 development. Based on our findings, we established a series of potential styles we could pursue and created a mood board for each.

Rub Branding Image 4@2X

The design direction we chose—inspired by the bold, economic lines of industrial fonts and textures—showcased the priorities laid out at the outset of the building project—quality, design, detail. The final logo we presented was clean, but not sterile, upscale but primarily functional, meshing seamlessly with the quality of “affordable luxury” the development aims to offer its residents.

Three19 Logo@2X

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