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Worth the Wait Campaign

Global Pharma Company


No one wants to lose a family member, friend, or colleague to a preventable tragedy. Our client, a large global pharmaceutical company, recognized that their employees would sometimes put their own safety at risk for the sake of work by doing things like answering emails or dialing into conference calls while driving. They decided to prioritize safety by addressing some hard-to-change habits with a new, company-wide mobile device policy. The challenge was to communicate the importance of this policy in a positive, effective way.


TrendyMinds collaborated with the client to launch the “Worth the Wait” campaign. This collection of new assets educated employees around the world about the importance of not using their mobile devices while driving.


The campaign was rolled out to all 30,000+ of the global pharmaceutical company’s employees, garnering positive feedback from leadership at all levels, and most importantly, improving safety.

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Our Approach

From conceptualization and messaging to execution and distribution, TrendyMinds was involved at every key milestone along the course of the campaign. From start to finish, we worked with the client to:

  • Plan a campaign strategy that would reach the right people with the right message

  • Create visual campaign assets, from video to infographics

  • Launch a campaign that — if successful — would keep employees safer on the job


On top of conceptualizing the “Worth the Wait” campaign theme, TrendyMinds developed key messaging to guide our in-house copywriters. This messaging structure ensured we built campaign pieces that communicated the core components of the campaign in ways that spoke to our audience’s primary concerns and motivations.

From there, we designed a look and feel for the campaign that tied our themes of care and safety with bold colors and fun visuals to make sure it would stand out.

Video Production

A key component of the campaign was video. Our team scripted, shot, and produced a campaign video — which was then translated into 12 languages for sharing with a global audience.

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Copywriting and Design

Building on the messaging and design direction developed during the campaign planning phase, our copy and design teams worked together to produce infographics, presentations, and guidebooks to share across the client’s internal channels.